Not All Zeolites Are Created Equal

Not All Zeolites Are Created Equal

Like man’s most precious and indestructible mineral, the diamond, zeolites (specifically clinoptilites) are not created equal. Gemologists measure the quality and value of a diamond by the 4 C’s—Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat. When looking at zeolites, we use the 4 P’s: Purity, Particle, Power and Proven to separate the NCD zeolite from its would-be-imitators.

PURITY: Activation

In their natural state, zeolites do what nature intended—they soak up toxins from the environment around them. This means that raw, inactivated zeolite is ineffective for human use, since it is already “full” of toxins. For that reason, the zeolite needs to be properly cleaned (or activated) to avoid exposure to a dirty, unpurified zeolite cage.

Only NCD undergoes a stringent activation process, in a strictly controlled laboratory environment to “clean” the zeolite, so it can safely and effectively trap and remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. Evidence of this much-needed process can be seen in the product’s Certificate of Analysis.

PARTICLE: Size Matters

When it comes to effectiveness, few attributes are as important as the particle size. In this case, the smaller the better. Why? The zeolite particle (cage) must be small enough to travel through your body to help collect and trap toxins, to prevent them from poisoning your systems and organs.

While many try to replicate Waiora’s exclusive zeolite formula, it is our micronization process that sets NCD apart from the rest. Not only is NCD’s zeolite cage cleaned and activated to remove toxins that exist in the mineral’s natural state, it is filtered and micronized to less than 3 microns. This is important because the smaller the particle size, the more readily it can become a colloidal liquid and be absorbed into the body. Our micronization process continually grounds the zeolite smaller and smaller, until it reaches the consistency of a very fine powder.

And since the ideal size is somewhere between 3 and 5 microns—the only way you can be assured that you’re getting your money’s worth is to view a product’s Particle Size Analysis.

POWER: The Ultimate Attraction

The miracle of the zeolite is its powerful negative charge that allows it to be effective in attracting positively charged toxins. The negatively charged mineral draws and traps positively charged toxins into its cage and eliminates them from the body— safely, gently and naturally. But just like zeolites, not all charges are created equal. Most zeolites on the market today do not go though such a rigorous, multi-step cation exchange (attraction) process, which enhances and sets apart the drawing power of NCD. This process is key to the power of the zeolite’s charge and the effectiveness of trapping toxins and heavy metals in its cage.*

PROVEN: Studied & Published

Nothing says proven like a published study or individual results—and unlike the imitators, Waiora has both. The subject of several peer-reviewed, clinical studies including:

These elements—Purity, Particle, Power and Proven combine to create the most revolutionary, most effective natural detoxifying solution on the market today—Natural Cellular Defense.* Often imitated, but never duplicated, NCD is in a class by itself. DO not take your health or safety for granted. Stick with the only solution proven safe and effective, Natural Cellular Defense.*